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Autolavaggio, TruckwashLatina

Green Company has just opened its doors and based its idea of a truck washing station on a historic site of our province. 

Our business is located at Via Pontina Km 76,900 where the washing station was built in 1977.

Completely renovated with the latest equipment and highly qualified staff, we aim to provide maximum cleaning using low environmental impact products.

Born from the needs of the owners when they were truck drivers, the decision was to put at the service of our customers our twenty-year experience in the use of car washing products to achieve maximum results with the minimum negative impact on motor vehicles and especially on the environment surrounding us.

In many cases, the products used by some of our competitors, in our personal experience, damage the paints and chromium-plated parts of our valuable vehicles, since the chemical composition of the products consists in the majority of the cases of caustic soda.

Our supplier pays the utmost attention in the choice of products for car washing considering the “green” aspect one of the first goals.

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